What I Do :

conscious closet consulting is designed to help you become
more aware of what's in your closet,
conscious about what you choose to add to it, and
focused on creating a cohesive wardrobe
that is beautiful, practical
& a reflection of your values and priorities


  • eco-assessment
  • closet clean-out
  • building a cohesive wardrobe
  • travel wardrobe planning
  • capsule wardrobes


  • working w/sustainable designers
  • innovative designs & eco-friendly fabrics
  • special occasion outfits
  • get started >


  • locating hard-to-find items
  • take me shopping w/you!
  • quality > quantity
  • get started >

better > nothing

we can have a positive impact on our environment and on the people who make our clothes by choosing better & being more conscious of what and why we buy