(Photo by Megan Weaver )

I don’t believe in creating rules around our wardrobes.

I’m not going to tell you what you should or shouldn’t wear according to your body type, or your size; I’m much more concerned with how you feel in your clothes, and I think you should feel your best all the time.

Style isn’t just about what’s in your closet, it’s about your life.

I believe we should all know as much as we can about who makes our clothes.

I have been writing about shopping and style on Grechen’s Closet since 2004.  My minimalist journey began in early-2014 after my husband and I moved, my beloved dog died, and I got tired of wading through my closet-full of nothing to wear to find something to wear.

My struggle & story was  featured in the Wall Street Journal September 2014, after which I started to share and write  more about the emotional issues I dealt with and the mistakes I made on my way towards my more conscious closet in The Minimal Closet series of articles. I focus now on reviewing sustainable style and designers as well as examining the issues around eco-fashion, sustainable design & the pursuit of quality over quantity.

What exactly is conscious closet consulting??

What is a “conscious closet”?

To me, at it’s most basic, a more conscious closet is one that is filled only with items you love and wear.  There are no dresses in a conscious closet that still have their tags on, shirts with holes (unless they’re supposed to be there!), or jeans that don’t fit.

A more conscious closet could be full of items that were made in the US, or by independent artisans half way around the world.  Maybe your conscious closet is mostly vintage frocks? or second-hand jeans?

A conscious closet is simply one in which each item has been thoughtfully and lovingly added, not only to provide protection from the elements, but to bring joy and beauty to life,  and reflect our beliefs and values about the people and world around us.

So, Conscious Closet Consulting (yes, I made that up!) is what I do to to help you become more aware of what’s in your closet, what you choose to add to it, and how it makes you feel, all for the purpose of making your wardrobe work for you, and reflect your values & beliefs.

Please contact me if you’re interested in learning more, or want to set-up a free initial consultation!