From Chris in Vancouver:

I have a closet full of clothes, some that I never, ever wear (sound familiar?) – and am often frustrated because despite the amount of money I spend on clothing, I often can’t find an outfit that I think looks great and that I feel wonderful wearing.

Or, I buy things that don’t end up working well together or that don’t give me the cohesive, simple look I love. Or discover that I don’t have shoes and accessories that work well with the clothing I’ve just bought.  Result = wasted money, time and an overstuffed closet that makes me feel tired every time I stand in front of it!

Enter Grechen and her services – after talking on the phone merely a couple of times (I live in the Pacific Northwest while she’s in Texas) and sending her photos of things that I would definitely wear and that I think represent my style, Grechen pulled together a spring/summer wardrobe that was just, well, so totally me!

Not only did Grechen make suggestions for a “starting from scratch” 15 piece wardrobe (not including shoes and accessories), she would have been equally adept at using some of the items I wanted to keep (I was ready for an overhaul so didn’t ask for that).

Grechen put together a very comprehensive list (including pictures and shopping links) of items she suggested and alternates for each that I might want to consider. As well, she compiled a list of many, many different combinations so that these items contribute to at least 30 different looks.

I saved the personal “catalogue” Grechen created for me as a web archive (and can’t tell you how much times I reviewed and thought about my “catalogue”) and also started a Pinterest board with pictures of her suggestions so that I could look at them and add similar items that I found while shopping.

While I have purchased many of the items she suggested, others I’m still thinking about and will add as I find the item I want in that “category”. So, for example, I haven’t yet bought a sleeveless blouse and have been considering some options. The items Grechen put together are interesting yet classic, so I will have no problem wearing all of them again next spring/summer – and many I will wear into the early fall here in the Northwest. Not to mention that I can use the “catalogue” as a template for a fall/winter wardrobe and will likely ask Grechen for some help tweaking some of the items so that they work for my business/casual lifestyle.  And all of this at a distance – by Skype and email!

Not only do I so enjoy reading Grechen’s blog and the wonderful and honest reviews she gives, I just can’t highly recommend enough that you ask for her help in creating wardrobes that will really work for you. Just to summarize, here’s what you’ll get:

  • a chance to truly think and talk about what works for you and what kind of clothing makes you feel great about yourself and your wardrobe
  • an opportunity to refine and “expand” your style choices with someone who is a professional shopper/stylist
  • a catalogue of items picked for you based on the above that you can refer to over and over again – along with a list of alternate suggestions for each of the items 
  • a “template” that you can use for shopping. You may not buy those exact items, and you’ll have an idea for the type of item you are looking for to fulfill a specific purpose. No more wasted time or wasted shopping just “looking” – a purposeful guide to help you. 
  • a “template” that you can use for other seasons (mine was spring/summer and could easily sub out some of the items to create a fall/winter wardrobe) 
  • a chance to simplify and minimize your wardrobe (if you choose – Grechen doesn’t prescribe) 

Feeling stuck? Want to tweak your wardrobe? Want to start from scratch? Want to try new style options and break out of your “same old, same old” purchases while still feeling like you? Want to make your clothes shopping more purposeful with fewer “mistake” or impulse buys?  Then I can’t recommend Grechen’s services enough – this is truly an awesome service from a kind, talented and stylish woman!